As the European leader in pyrotechnics, the Nobel Sport Group is particularly well-known for its hunting products.

Nobel sport’s expertise is based on over 300 years’ experience in gunpowder, propulsion and ballistics. Through this rich heritage, Nobel Sport has become an industrial company on the leading edge of world progress for the processes it uses. Due to its unique know-how, the Group is recognized throughout the world at present for the quality of its products and services.

Nobel Sport Components

Top-quality components for exceptional performance.

Three centuries’ experience in formulating gun-powder has made Nobel Sport the leading European manufacturer of gunpowder for hunting and sports shooting. Nobel Sport also offers a full range of top-quality components such as empty cases and primers.

Nobel Sport Security

European leader in security, Nobel Sport offers customized solutions.

European leader in security, Nobel Sport offers customized solutions. One of the Nobel Sport Group’s lines of business, Nobel Sport Sécurité, the European specialist, manufactures and commercializes a wide range of products for maintaining law enforcement. This division of Nobel Sport equips police, gendarmerie and armed forces both in France and elsewhere. All the Nobel Sport Sécurité products have been developed with law enforcement forces in France and abroad. Nobel Sport Sécurité offers its many clients personal advice on their specific requirements.

Nobel Sport Sécurité has always banked on research and development. New generation products regularly complete the “Law Enforcement” range. They provide higher efficiency and operational safety to police and armed forces.


Since 1933, Tunet has been combining tradition with technology
for offering the very best products.

Combining tradition with the latest technologies, TUNET has been developing its exceptional level of expertise for more than 80 years. By developing its hunting and shooting cartridges to the very highest standards, TUNET now benefits from an international reputation. As well as designing, producing and distributing cartridges - which remains the company’s main business activity - TUNET also distributes a wide range of world-famous guns, scopes and accessories.

Nobel Sport TUNET’s permanent ambition is to develop and distribute quality products that meet the requirements of the most demanding enthusiasts.


For more than thirty years FOB has been offering top-quality
high-performance cartridges.

Present on hunting grounds and shooting ranges throughout the world for the last thirty years, FOB has succeeded in creating a constructive dialogue with gunsmiths, hunters and sports shooters, which has become a source of permanent evolution in its wide range of cartridges.

Recognized as French and European leader in the world of cartridges, the NOBEL SPORT Group provides FOB cartridges with their quality label, through its detailed knowledge of the technical aspects of their components. FOB offers you quality, innovation and performance at the service of your passion.